ESX Host XXX “currently has no management network redundancy”

Remove “has no management network redundancy” notification on VMware HA cluster Environment

This notification message appears ESX services console does not have network redundancy configuration properly

To avoid this notification message, must configure network redundancy properly. VMware recommends that you add a second service console on a different vSwitch and subnet. Alternatively, you can add a second vmnic to the service console vSwitch.

Below steps will help you guys to removing this notification.

Step:-1 Open Vcenter HA cluster configuration settings.

Step:-2 In VMware HA tab open advanced option.

Step:-3 In advanced HA option there are two columns one is “options” and “value” Then add the given entries according to the snaps..

In option tab add the “das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning” entry and Value tab add the value”true”

Step:-4 After updating above entries turn off the “VMware HA”

Moreover, check with the status of disabling HA

At last, again turn on VMware HA feature on your cluster. You can see there was no notification on your VMware HA cluster

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